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tv   [untitled]    February 5, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PST

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berkeley center for criminal justice and in 2011, i was interviewed by the tribune and kgo news. we, do substantial work with mental health organizations and the police department and we did work in the area of the crisis intervention teams, and the work that we have done was featured in san francisco, nahmi fall 2012 out of the fog newsletter. we have reported in the past in 2011, and 12 attended the meeting and gave several presentations. in addition to the awards received by miss salazar for
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the medation program, they worked diligently to train and recruit volunteers on medation and the result of these efforts of the occ mediated 61 cases in 2011 and 62 in 2012. the program has resulted in increased out reach activities to a broader audience. medation coordinator conducted orientation for 12 new mediators and she attended four community board trainings and made a presentation regarding the program to recruit new trainers. new mediators. miss salazar worked in close collaboration with the san francisco police association to educate the officers about medation. she spoke with numerous organizations about implementing programs, including the kansas city
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office of community complaints, the sarastota florida police panel and the austin, texas police monitor. >> the occ website has been an area of attention during my five-year tenure and with the diligent work of information technology and business analyst chris, was significantly improved our website. and continues to be a vital, out reach tool for us. and we have posted on the website, commonly asked questions and answers about the occs and we have a calendar of public out reach activity and our annual and quarterly reports to the police commission, our community out reach plan, informational prosures in english, and other
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languages. and our medation brochure in the top five targeted languages. the police commission hearing notice and 40 locations through san francisco where occ complaint forms can be obtained. for several years budgetary constraints have gotten in the way of on-line complaint filing but i am happy to report that is well under way. on-line complaint filing the development thereof. and we anticipate that we will be able to go live by the second quarter of this year. by june 30th. >> finally to the 2013, out reach goals and we will provide the services, and here in community members policy concerns and enhancing community pat ner ships. to more effectively reach larger audiences and continue
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to fulfill the out reach commission by relying on the staff presentations and distributing widely our information to the materials and attending the community events involving the policing issues. we will maintain our robust schedule of out reach activities as we did in previous years. we will continue our policy work on language access, juvenile policing and violence in mental illness and we will continue to expand out reach activities. we will can't to log our out reach efforts and to tribute written materials and complaint forms to numerous agency and community center and libraries and organizations throughout the city and we will continue to post our community out reach strategic plan and annual reports on the website and take advantage of activities as they arrive in the media.
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>> we are committed to our ambition, out reach strategy as we were in the 2008 when we originally created this plan. and we will continue to maximize our resources by building on strategic alliances with our stake holders. who include non-governmental organizations advocacy, non-profit, community groups and the police department and other cities and county agencies departments, boards and commissions and offices. >> we will have an external focus with national and international involved in placing and oversight of policing and law enforcement policies. that concludes this report. >> and i can take the questions on this one now or move on to the department general 8.10. >> any questions?
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>> just a quick translating it into arabic and to the community and i appreciate that work. >> you are welcome. >> and just to note that it is great news that the second quarter could look forward to have on-line complaint filings that is a real enroad. >> we are very excited about that. >> thank you. >> all right. the third report, department general order 8.10. first amended compliance, on january third, 2013, the chief investigator charles galman and attorney met with gracy the officer in charge of the special investigations unit to conduct the audit pursuant to the general order, 8.10. the purpose is to ensure that the first amendment rights
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guaranteed by the u.s. constitution are protected for all individuals by limiting the police investigation in the exercise of those rights to circumstances where where there are legitimate needs of law enforcement and investigating criminal activity >> they have must have reasonable that they are planning or engaged in criminal activity and which could be expected to result in bodily or property damage in excess of 2500 or constitutes a felony or a misdemeanor hate crime and the first amendment activities are relevant to the criminal investigation. requires that guidelines are followed including first prior authorization for the limited required for an investigation and the authorization goes up the chain of command to the police chief. two, limitation of 120 days for an investigation, but if
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necessary the authorization can be given to renew that investigation. three, guidelines for investigative techniques and four rules of conduct for infill tray tores. >> the police commission is charged with monitoring the compliance by reviewing the written requests and authorizations each month. the office of citizen complaints is charged with performing an annual audit and preparing a report to the police commission regarding the department's compliance. additionally the occ is to review all guidelines and regulations interpreting the guidelines, all documents relating to investigations and under cover techniques, three, all agency assist forms. and with that in mind, the occ reviewed the records and it
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reviewed the following. it reviewed the department general order 8.10. it reviewed all documents and records related to investigations subject to section 3, of the general order and under cover techniques pursuant to section 4 c of the guidelines and reviewed all agency assist forms. as a result of this review, we found the following. there were two investigations authorized during or records of two investigations authorized during the year. one of those investigations involved san francisco occupy, request for this investigation was submitted and approved on november 4th, 2011 and terminated on march 6th 2012, investigation concerned open source viewing of web materials related to occupy sf.
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and it also included communications with major cities and intelligence commanders and grouped about upcoming events and tactics and trends of the involved groups and the monitoring of the violent faction >> and the purpose is to the guidelines and appear limited in scope. and the second investigation concerns black block activities occurring after and reportedly in response to an officer involved shooting. approved on october first, 2012, the purpose of this investigation conforms to 8.10, and appears limited in scope and the investigation is ongoing. there were no records of any requests for investigation that was denied. there were no records indicating that the department relied on under cover officers to monitor the two investigations.
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there were records indicating the monitoring of public websites specifically for one of them. the actions of the members were in compliance with the dgo and had been approved under this order and there were no records of unlawful activities within the scope of the order. there were no records of arrests or prosecutions that were the direct result and approximate cause of the investigations conducted under the dgo 8.10. there were two records of requests by members of the public made expressly to the guidelines for access to records. and this resulted in the production of information or documentation related to the investigation, according to the department, documents were provided in response to these two requests. there were eight records of requests from outside law enforcement agencies. known as agencies... >> the agencies include the oak
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dale police department, interpole, washington, d.c., again interpole. and interpole, again. and the u.s. department of defense. and another interpole. request. and us secret service request and in new york state university police, request. there were no violations of the guidelines discovered during the audit. there was one record of a request for investigation, relative to the hate crime unit involving a request for the f.b.i. to review and consider further investigation into a criminal assault of a gay man. in the area of training, lieutenant gracy provided documentation that the members of the special investigation division unit who participated in the approved dgo 8.10 investigation had received
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updated training. and there was documentation that said (inaudible) initiated or pending and we have discussed the recommendations with lieutenant gracy who agrees with them and seeking approval to institute these
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changes, and that concludes this report. questions? >> i have a quick one. the recommendations they found, like very good ideas to me is i am wondering now the status that the chief has the status of the recommendations from the occ. >> i have not seen the form from her and i don't know when she said that she submitted the recommendations. >> and chief i am not sure whether she submitted them or not. and sam ramerian had to leave earlier this evening, so. >> as soon as i get them, i will get right on it. >> okay. thank you. >> anything further commissioners? >> okay. last but not least. our monthly comprehensive statistical report through
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december 31, 2012. and comparing it to the prior year. from december first, 2012, through december 31st, the occ opened 48 cases that is 17 fewer than were opened in 2011 when we opened 65 cases. the total number of cases opened in 2012 is 740, compared to 784 in 2011. this is a 6 percent decrease in cases filed. between, 2011 and 2012. in december 2012, occ investigators closed more cases than they opened, they closed 65 cases. as of december 31st, the occ had 305 pending cases and as of today the occ has 305 pending cases compared to 366 pending cases as of january 30th 2012. >> >> our caseload for investigator is up a little
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bit, it is 24 cases because we have one on new investigator who has a very limited caseload. and another one of our investigators is out on a three-month leave. >> in the area of medation of complaints i believe that i discussed this with you last week. but, for the office of complaints were mediated in december, of 2012, compared to 7 that were mediated in 2011 still in 2012 more cases were mediated than 2011, one more. 62 in 2012, and 61 in 2011. >> moving on to adjudication of sustained complaints from december first to december 312012. , chief, adjudicated four cases by occ and determined by me to
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have sustainable allegations. he made the following findings and imposed discipline. in these four cases. and one case, it was a conduct reflecting discredit and the neglecting duty case, in violation of the order, 2.01, rule 14, while engaged with an argument for a complainant who had an unleashed dog and was harassing the horse, a mounted officer used profanity and a gender based slur, and in that same incident, another officer failed to notify communications division of her ending mileage when she delivered the female to the jail, both officers were ad admonished. >> an officer used profane language and the officer was admonished. >> in a third case involving
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neglect duty, an center failed to book the evidence and received a written reprimand. >> one failed to provide a referal card and a cad number and the officer was admonished and that concludes my report >> thank you for all three reports. and with reference would have been helpful to have this information last week, we had concerns in the arabic community about the review and i forgot to thensing that we have another level of review not just the police commissioner but the occ. your report was thorough, with reference for your plan, it is great and it is incredible and it is clear from here that you are now a role model for other agencies throughout the country, and we are actually taking an active role in
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establishing the agency for bart. so, thank you for all of your hard work this is excellent. >> you are welcome, president mazzucco, and members of the commission. >> commissioner loftus? >> yeah, i am just i echo everything that president mazzucco said, i just want to go through the numbers because i one of the things that is coming up during the taser meeting is a sense of the department and the complaints against the department and i know that came up in the last meeting. what i have assembled from the numbers that we have been given over the last few weeks is that somewhere between 1.1 million and 2.2 million calls for service in 2012, which netted 25,000 arrests. out of those 25,000 arrests there were 740 complaints filed with the occ that resulted in 11 sustained complaints is that right? >> well, commissioner loftus,
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not only are there arrests but there are other types of contacts that the officers might have and i am not sure whether you are including those numbers. >> that would be in the 1.3, 1.2 calls for service, so it is a big number. >> so the point is that it is a big number of contacts and i want to make sure that i am reading the statistics correctly that given the number of contacts and calls for service that the officers have had, 740 complaints in the year 2012 and eleven of them being sustained in that year seems like a significantly low number, and i have also thought about this in the past given the amount of out reach that you do. so it is not as if you hide in a corner, somewhere, and don't tell anybody how to file a complaint against the police. >> and commissioner loftus, i would agree with you, that it is a small number of complaints that we receive against the san
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francisco police department, compared to the number of contacts that the department has. and our out reach efforts are more stepped up now than they were five years ago yet there has been a 25 percent decline in complaints against san francisco police officers. >> i think maybe one suggestion for our taser subcommittee i know that the department makes a presentation, i feel like it would be helpful to have a sense of the data around the sustained complaints when we have that information because a lot of what we heard is that there is a department out of control and there complaint and violence. and everybody can have instincts that is not the right word. you can have your experience, but what i think that the occ does well is document the data
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and it helps to paint a picture and so if that is possible, that would be a request to consider director hicks. presenting some sort of one-pager of looking back on 2012 and give some perspective on the discipline. >> i did a ratio comparison in 2003 and i am happy to ask the captain in my office and we can prepare a one page for you as to like arrests citation and firearms and calls for service, and complaints and sustained xlaibts and the like. >> that would be helpful. >> sure. again, i think that we are kind of saying it without saying it. the officers just do a terrific job. again, down 15 percent staffing to handle the calls for service they make, make the arrests that they make and take the guns that they take and yet work with the kids that we work with and still be able to boast, you know, i don't know if we ended up with one but i know as of the closing of the third quarter, we had not had a
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sustained unnecessary force complaint which i mean we i could not be prouder of the officers and when sergeant put up the numbereds i believe that 6 officers shooting for a year is a low for many, many years. >> i think that it is just important i think that you are right if the department if the officers are doing something positive as important that we reinforcement maybe because i am parenting toddlers right now. >> are you comparing my officers with toddlers. >> i don't want you to make that conclusion, but i want to explain my thinking. >> they are, they are terrific. >> any further questions for director hicks. >> thanks so much. >> we apologize for the later part of the evening. >> for apology is necessary. being an attorney, i also understand how attorneys fees, mount as attorneys sit around and wait for a cases to be heard. i understand. >> please call line item 4 c.
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>> 4 c, commission reports discussion, commission president's report, commissioners reports. >> briefly i attended the chief said the police academy graduation on friday night and we have 48 new, >> >> 43. >> 43, and it was just very impressive and a lot of dedicated families were with them and so we welcome them to the police family but the most important part was that this class did something that i never heard a class do, they spent a lot of time, a significant amount of time doing community service while in the academy. and it was not going out and passing out candy, they had to go to every boys and girls club throughout the city and taught reading, not only played with the kids, they taught them reading and they tutored and went to homeless shelter and to a hospice. i know that is something that comes from what you believe and
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you have always done, that was amazing and you get a feel for whether or not they are dedicated to the community during that period of time because you get to watch and observe them that was very impressive and then last thursday, myself, the chief, dr. marshall and commissioner kingsley attended a luncheon where the chief spoke for the saint thomas moore society. the chief spoke about gun violence and did an excellent job taking on members of the nra and quite frankly, several appellant court justices were impressed with the chief's knowledge of the law so he did a great job. dr. marshall and kingsley participated and i think that we had a lot of impact on the attorneys in that room. >> it was good. >> very good. >> that is my report. commissioners? >> loftus? >> quickly i wanted to say that one of the things that we get to do on the police commission is i think attending this graduation was the first time that i was there and i just want to say to the members of
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the public and i want to ask the chief if you could share with my fellow commissioners the speech that you gave, i feel that some that have been on the commission for a long time, the things that you care the most deeply about he cheerly does too and told the officers that is what they need to care about and it was all about you are an example to young people and they are always watching you and you are there to do the right thing. i mean it was inspirational quotes but mostly was having the chief of police share what you value and what our san francisco values from the very first moment they enter the san francisco police department was so powerful to be there and watch that. i think that it would be great if you would not mind sharing your brilliant speech. >> i will get it to her and she can e-mail it to you. >> and i wanted to thank. >> i actually forgot it there that night. >> really good. >> and the thing that was good about it for this commission is to see the power of the chief
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that and what he can do for the department. i just wanted to say, that i want to thank the department also. i know that there was another high profile case where you guys went out and it was the ramos case to get a shooter from states away and i just again want to reinforce that in the kevin colincase that the fact that the department is focused on that and you know, kevin was the same age i was and we both took muni to our school when i lived here in 1984 and i have throughout my whole life had dreams that some day he would be found and a lot of people in san francisco were really upset by that case. and i am so glad, that the department is continuing their work inspector tume and i think that it also there is another case where we do that. we have got paul et brown and her son aubrie was brutally murdered and we are still looking for and trying to be able to bring a case against
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her assay lent and i know there is a reward for any information this that case and it just reminds me that while we are dealing with what is happening now i am pleased to see the department continuing to be tracking in and putting in an effort on the cases that have gone passed and not forgetting them. i wanted to acknowledge the department for that. >> commissioners, anything further? >> line item 4 d. >> i am sorry >> sure, commitinger turman. >> sorry, the next line, i know let's call it. >> line item 4 d. >> commission announcements and scheduling for items identified for the consideration at future commission meetings action >> any announcements? >> just that the next meeting will be here in room 400 at city hall and that is wednesday, february 6th. >> and we are having a community meeting on the 27th and i believe that we will have
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that nailed down and it is tentatively schedule for the saint vincent depaul. i will get that mailed out >> great. >> commissioner turman? >> yes, and i also would like to announce that on monday, february fourth will be the second of our three, community meetings series, on electronic control weapons. that will take place monday, february 4th. the scottish right which is located at 2850, 19th avenue at slope here in san francisco from 6:00 to 8:30. and i believe that we will have spanish language translation at that meeting; is that correct?? >> yeah. >> thank you very much. >> commissioner kingsley? >> well, i have a question, regarding the budget. i know that last year, the budget was looked at in terms of two years, but it is usually this time of year that we start looking at the budget